Tita’s Tango Observations: #2

A short prehistory for today’s mice note. A few days ago a fellow tango dancer compared dancing with me to driving a Ferrari. I don’t think it is necessary to explain why this is wrong on so many levels. Unfortunately, not all tango dancers (namely tango leaders) understand that. Moreover, some of them are sincerely surprised to learn that calling a follower a Lamborgini is not going to flatter her and even more so, can lead to eternal ban on dancing with them (true story).

Thankfully, the dancer who made the Ferrari comparison apologized immediately after I pointed it out, so we are totally cool. But it made me think a lot about this, and of course, I could not resist the temptation to muse on the subject with Tita, the tango mouse. I think if we are going to compare followers to objects, a more correct way would be to compare them to furniture, because that is how I, as a follower, feel when certain leaders dance with me.


*Disclaimer: this is a generalization, and Tita knows it

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