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Crushing Mice: #18, Kiki


Crushing Mice: #17, Kiki

Well, looks like denial stage to me.

Crushing Mice: #16, Kiki

Kiki, a veteran crush mouse, can be easily overwhelmed

Crushing Mice: #15, Kiki

It is a serious decision to be made.

Mice Holidays: New Year!

Happy New Year! С новым Годом!

Crushing Mice: #10, Kiki

Crimson Peak is a must see for aficionados of Gothic lit, Guillermo del Toro, and Tom Hiddleston

Crushing Mice: #8, Kiki

Kiki, a Cumberbatch crush mouse, is being a little rebellious this morning:

Everything is better with mice: #4, Perfect Things

There are perfect things in this world. For example, a film by Jarmusch which has both Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston in it — how can it be any more perfect than that?… Continue reading

Crushing Mice: #2, Kiki

Kiki learns to live with her pain.