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Department Talks and Readings: Practice Job Talk

I haven’t done live mice note-taking for a while, so I really went for it yesterday during my friend’s job talk at our department

Department Talks and Readings: Practice Job Talk

My friend Mary has just had her practice job talk. Here are some mice notes from the event

Department Talks and Readings: One writer, Two critics, and a bunch of composition teachers

I haven’t been posting mice notes from the events taking place at my department, and thus, have accumalated a bunch. Here’s some.

Department Talks and Readings: Public Lecture

A friend of mine presented some of her research at her department. I, of course, made sure to stop by and make some mice notes.

Practice Jobtalks: #5, a literary critic

Yet another awesome practice job talk at our department.

SMGS Support Group: meeting #1

Significant Mice of Graduate Student Mice are true heroes. Period.

Practice Jobtalks: #4, a writer

Wonderful non-fiction.

Practice Jobtalks: #3, a literary critic

Camp-mus novels and sports