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Urban Mice: #8

While scientists all over the world are excited over gravitational waves which were discovered in the galaxy far, far away, I believe the scientists could have discovered those ripples in spacetime a long time ago, had they diverted their attention to the wintery Chicago.

Russian Grandma Syndrome: Miscellanea, #12

In cold blood.

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #9

Toasty warm

Urban Mouse: #2

Urban mouse living in Chicago has tough choices to make.

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #4

Russian grandma mouse has a long history of being fooled by the weather.

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #3

It is too warm to be true.

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #2

Don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today. It is coooold out there every day.

Mice Notes PSA: #2, Russian Grandma Syndrome

The Truth about Russian Grandma Syndrome