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Tita’s Tango Observations: #4

What could Tita know about mansplaining? You may ask.
Everything that there is to know. EVE-RY-THING.

Mice vs Humans: Spacetime Rip Explanation

I have been wondering “why” and “how” a lot these days, and I have finally figured it out

Mice History: #2

To celebrate two years of the mice notes world’s existence, mice are busy making for themselves a graven image

Tita’s Tango Observations: #3

Tango is essentially hugging strangers for three minutes at a time

Tita’s Tango Observations: #2

A short prehistory for today’s mice note. A few days ago a fellow tango dancer compared dancing with me to driving a Ferrari. I don’t think it is necessary to explain why this is wrong… Continue reading

Tita’s Tango Observations: #1

Tango wardrobe can tell a lot of things to a mouse who knows.