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Jolly Mouse: #8

A most unusual case of post-defense ennui

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #19

The D-Day is almost here

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #26

Escapism as it is

Department Talks and Readings: Practice Job Talk

My friend Annah had a practice job talk (which she totally aced, by the way). Hurrah!

Family Mice: #4

Everybody lies. Only some — more than others.

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #9

Every year I hope that I will be less terrified of the first day of teaching. I am more likely to meet a unicorn on campus, I am sure.

Mice vs Humans: Until then, though

SMGS Support Group Stories: #2

Dissertating and writing block are pretty much inseparable

SMGS Support Group Stories: #1

Significant Mice of Graduate Students know the signs

Jolly Mouse: #5

What to do, what to do?