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Urban Mice: #10

There goes the neighborhood

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #31

There is absence, and there is absence-absence.

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #29

My quite Chicagoan attitude to winter

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #16

I have a tradition: every ten years I get bitten by a squirrel

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #5

To be accused of careless recycling is even worse than that one time when an Aeroflot flight attendant yelled at me for “smoking on the plane.”

Urban Mice: #8

While scientists all over the world are excited over gravitational waves which were discovered in the galaxy far, far away, I believe the scientists could have discovered those ripples in spacetime a long time ago, had they diverted their attention to the wintery Chicago.

Urban Mice: #7

I lost count of the times I tried to wake up today

Urban Mice: #6

Chicago way of dealing with snow is the best

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #15

Last week Chicago had rain/snow which later in the evening turned the whole city into one beautiful skating rink

Urban Mouse: #1

I am a devoted city dweller; however much I enjoy nature, I want to be back in the urban jungle after a week at most: if not, I become afraid of the absence… Continue reading