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Crushing Mice: #21, Kiki

Kiki, who succumbed to an Idris Elba crush a while ago, went to see “Molly’s game”

Mice History: #3

I doodle a lot, especially when I am anxious or uncomfortable, which is definitely the case when your DGS is telling you that your job prospects are bleak. First mice note is three years old!

Crushing Mice: #20, Kiki

At least somebody’s wishes are coming true right on the first day of the new year.
Happy New Year, everyone!

Crushing Mice: #19, Kiki

Somebody is being a hypocrite

Crushing Mice: #18, Kiki


Crushing Mice: #17, Kiki

Well, looks like denial stage to me.

Crushing Mice: #16, Kiki

Kiki, a veteran crush mouse, can be easily overwhelmed

Crushing Mice: #15, Kiki

It is a serious decision to be made.

Crushing Mice: #14, Kiki

Advice from an expert

Mice Holidays: New Year!

Happy New Year! С новым Годом!