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Chronicles of K. Mouse: #23

Mom and I are extreme tree-huggers

Russian Grandma Syndrome Miscellanea: #32

What not one, but two Russian Grandmas bring as a souvenir from New Orleans

Chronicles of K. mouse: #8

I need to switch to a better extrovert plan

Tango Mice Live: #4

Some dances are so good that one just has to take her shoes off – to avoid spoiling the night.

Tango Mice Live: #3

It’s not just about movement

Tango Mice Live: #2

Tango world problems

Tango Mice Live: #1

Tita forgot that you can’t be late for anything in New Orleans, especially if it’s having fun.

Daily Mice: #14

I wrote about it before (in my blog I abandoned because I can’t write short posts), but now time has come to illustrate it with mice. Dedicated to my fellow last-minute packers.

New Orleans Vacation: #1

What an amazing place! Let’s all move there.