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Inktober: #2

More visual puns from #inktober collection

Crushing Mice: Adelaide, #2

They say Pokemon GO is addictive, they should try reading Roddy Doyle.

Everything is Better With Mice: #37

Mousematisse has been claimed! My friend Linda is doing it again (click here to see what she did last summer), but this year she is running a half-marathon in order to support awesome… Continue reading

Crushing Mice: Adelaide, #1

Our friend Linda is running a 10K race in support of Open Books charity (if you would like to help, you can do it here). Adelaide, a bibliophile mouse, is excited about an… Continue reading

Crushing Mice: #7, Kiki

BBC Radio 4

Camping Mice: #2

Some scary things are scarier than other scary things.

Mice Notes PSA: Library Books

If needed, I can testify under oath that Adelaide, the bibliophile mouse, never eats library books. Only her own.

Everything is better with mice: exceptions, #2

Happens to the best of them.