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Chronicles of K. Mouse: #32

A case of what I call “classic Katya”

Urban Mice: #10

There goes the neighborhood

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #30

For the past two weeks, the concert of Childish Gambino kept coming up on my facebook newsfeed, and I kept wondering…

Hoarder Mouse: #1

The time has come to admit that I might have a hoarding problem.

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #32

This weekend, at “Don Carlo” by Washington Nationa Opera, Leonora found it very hard to focus when both of her voice crushes were singing in the same scene.

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #31

Spontaneity, Leonora-style

Daily Mice: #30

Sometimes I am a bit too much of a tree-hugger

Daily Mice: #29

A late night visitor: welcome or not?

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #29

My quite Chicagoan attitude to winter

Crushing Mice: #21, Kiki

Kiki, who succumbed to an Idris Elba crush a while ago, went to see “Molly’s game”