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Chronicles of K. Mouse: #32

A case of what I call “classic Katya”

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #31

There is absence, and there is absence-absence.

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #30

For the past two weeks, the concert of Childish Gambino kept coming up on my facebook newsfeed, and I kept wondering…

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #29

My quite Chicagoan attitude to winter

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #28

If you need me, I am hiding under the blanket

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #27

I have planned three cartoon character costumes this Halloween. This is number 1

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #26

I had a reading on Saturday, and as always, my priorities were on point

Family Mice: #6

My mom points yet another benefit of marriage I have failed to notice so far

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #25

I have obviously been struggling to maintain a regular mice note drawing and publishing schedule this July.  Here is why:

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #24

I picked the wrong battle this time