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Department Talks and Readings: Practice Job Talk

My friend Annah had a practice job talk (which she totally aced, by the way). Hurrah!

Everything Is Better With Mice: #45

What happens when you decide to micefy David’s “Napoleon Crossing the Alps” (Belvedere version — there is a total of five) for a friend who thinks she is the reincarnation of Napoleon and discover that there is no way on earth you can draw a realistic looking horse even if your life depended on it?

Mice Notes Blog is 2 Years Old!

I like to prolong the celebration of my very few accomplishments in life. That’s why in addition to the second-year anniversary of the first mice note on October 8, I am also commemorating… Continue reading

Politicats and Mousitizens: #4

I do not comment on politics until I do

Mice Holidays: Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Politicats and Mousitizens, #2

I really tried not to comment on this, but I can’t resist.

Camping Mice: #2

Some scary things are scarier than other scary things.

Politicats and Mousitizens

I have been reading way too much about political events around the world recently. This summarizes quite accurately my opinion of contemporary politics.

Mice Couple: #1

Mice have different perception of what our movies are about.