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Crushing Mice: Chester, #15

Truffle Gouda is the new Brie.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Everything is Better With Mice: #43

I know I have done this micefication before, but I felt that this time it was very different both from the Brie one (here) and the pencil version of the Vote one (here).… Continue reading

Crushing Mice: Chester, #13

An independent presidential candidate we’ve all been waiting for.

Crushing Mice: Chester, #10

Chester, a cheese addict mouse, noticed that festive cheese platters during winter holidays really changed his relationship with bossy brie

Crushing Mice: Chester, #9

Welcome to Chester’s Cheesy Philosophy Corner!

Jolly Mouse: #4

Jolly mouse is good at prioritizing

Crushing Mice: Chester, #8

Well, I know what Chester is definitely not thankful for: my inability to spell. Nappy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Russian Grandma Syndrome: Miscellanea, #12

In cold blood.

Crushing Mice: Chester, #7

Well, it is clear who the boss is in this relationship.

Jolly Mouse: #2

Mom’s cooking. Enough said.