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Daily Mice: #23

When naps are not a luxury, but an absolute necessity

Department Talks and Readings: K.Mouse’s Practice Job Talk

Since I clearly couldn’t make mice notes of my own job talk, here are some highlights

Department Talks and Readings: Practice Job Talk

My friend Mary has just had her practice job talk. Here are some mice notes from the event

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #12

Extreme grading hole calls for extreme solutions

SMGS Support Group Stories: #3

It’s already that time of the semester.

Daily Mice: #17

This was my first week of classes

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #9

Every year I hope that I will be less terrified of the first day of teaching. I am more likely to meet a unicorn on campus, I am sure.

Daily Mice: #15

Oh the desperate (and ineffective) attempts to change one’s sleeping schedule from 3am-11am to midnight – 8 am in one day.

Everything is Better With Mice: #39

Russian Grandma Mouse contemplates Monet’s Grainstacks in the winter. Can you find the second mouse?

SMGS Support Group Stories: #2

Dissertating and writing block are pretty much inseparable