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Department Talks and Readings: Practice Job Talk

My friend Annah had a practice job talk (which she totally aced, by the way). Hurrah!

Everything is better with mice: #30, Russian PowerPoint

I think I found my calling. My Russian Powerpoint presentation for a dear friend, Annah, who is an excellent poet and artist (check out her work here), went quite well.

Department Talks and Readings: One-on-One Reading

Another annual event we have at our department is a reading when a grad student from a creative writing program reads alongside an invited writer or poet.

Department Talks and Readings: Second-Year Speaker

Every year second year PhD students of our program invite a writer/poet and a literary critic to present at our department. This year, we had a poet as a second-year speaker (the critic’s… Continue reading

Practice Jobtalks: #2, a poet

On the same day, more beautiful poetry:

Practice Jobtalks: #1, a poet

A number of my friends are doing the so-called “practice jobtalks” (a presentation of your work which one would have to do, when they try to get a tenure-track position at university). The… Continue reading