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Everything is Better With Mice: #44

Yet another Picasso is ruined with mice — to celebrate the birthday of a friend. “The Portrait of Gertrude Stein” is from Picasso’s “Rose Period” (1904-1906), which probably refers to the color of wilted roses, because I mosly used brown and black in this micefication.

Mice vs. Humans: Political Statements, #3

You can probably guess that I’ve been reading stuff on social media

Everything is better with mice: #23

Blue Period lends itself so wonderfully to micefying, that there might be a separate subcategory of mice art on this website soon: Micasso’s art.

Everything is better with mice: #17

Another Picasso (“The Old Guitarist” 1903), commissioned by my friend and fellow writer Chris Bryson. He is the kind of person whose midlife crisis purchase will be a quarter million dollar Gibson —… Continue reading

Everything is better with mice: #11

Is Picasso better with mice? You decide. I loved Picasso before I could understand his paintings (partly thanks to “The Adventures of Picasso”, Swedish comedy film (loosely) based on Picasso’s life. It is… Continue reading