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Daily Mice: #11

My owl-ness is backed by science! It’s called delayed sleep phase.

Daily Mice: #10

I am not insomniac. I am nocturnal.

Urban Mice: #7

I lost count of the times I tried to wake up today

Daily mice: #8

Hibernation it is

Daily Mice: #7

Dear body, seriously?

Daily Mice: #6

Almost there

Jolly Mouse: #3

Nutella-Banana Pocket. Chocolate Orange Old Fashioned Donut. Mornings are okay.

Daily Mouse: #4

Must. Not. Nap.

Daily Mouse: #3

I can’t reconcile myself with the thought that I am about to start a semester of 7 am awakenings. The mice note below is true story.

Daily Mouse: #2

After a summer of waking up not earlier than 10 am, today’s awakening at 7 am was rough, to say the least.