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Crushing Mice: Leonora, #32

This weekend, at “Don Carlo” by Washington Nationa Opera, Leonora found it very hard to focus when both of her voice crushes were singing in the same scene.

Russian Grandma Syndrome Miscellanea: #39

Unfortunately, this is a true story.

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #15

New year — old problems

Daily Mice: #20

Arachnids may be cold-blooded, but this spider’s love is raging like fire

Daily Mice: #18

Bathroom is the place where all of the drama happens in my house

Daily Mouse: #5

“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Daily Mouse: #1

Sometimes my imagination reacts to small everyday occurrences in ways inexplicable even to me. Apologies to all the arachnophobes out there.