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Crushing Mice: #13, Kiki

If Kiki is being overly dramatic, then only very slightly.

Crushing Mice: #12, Kiki

The struggle of being a Cumberbatch crush mouse

Crushing Mice: #11, Kiki

For all Cumberbatch crush mice out other: National Theater Live Encore of Hamlet, November 1 and November 3. Find in the movie theater in your area

Crushing Mice: #10, Kiki

Crimson Peak is a must see for aficionados of Gothic lit, Guillermo del Toro, and Tom Hiddleston

Crushing Mice: #9, Kiki

At this point, it feels like centuries before the new season.

Crushing Mice: #8, Kiki

Kiki, a Cumberbatch crush mouse, is being a little rebellious this morning:

Crushing Mice: #7, Kiki

BBC Radio 4

Crushing Mice: Coco and Kiki

The news about Chocobatch (a life-size statue of Benedict Cumberbatch made of chocolate) was trending last week, and of course, some of my mice had different reactions.

Crushing Mice: #6, Kiki

Kiki is not very happy with the Oscar distribution this year, obviously.

Crushing Mice: #5, Kiki

It is a long way to go.