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Chronicles of K. Mouse: #15

New year — old problems

Family Mice: #4

Everybody lies. Only some — more than others.

Department Talks and Readings: K.Mouse’s Practice Job Talk

Since I clearly couldn’t make mice notes of my own job talk, here are some highlights

Mice Notes Blog is 2 Years Old!

I like to prolong the celebration of my very few accomplishments in life. That’s why in addition to the second-year anniversary of the first mice note on October 8, I am also commemorating… Continue reading

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #14

Wet cold feet are my kryptonite

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #13

Totoro t-shirt and a tutu to a business meeting? Sounds about right

Mice History: #2

To celebrate two years of the mice notes world’s existence, mice are busy making for themselves a graven image

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #12

Extreme grading hole calls for extreme solutions

SMGS Support Group Stories: #3

It’s already that time of the semester.

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #11

Ah the pain of being the conscientious one!