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Daily Mice: #16

Well, the early bird maybe gets the worm, but the late riser sparrows in my neighborhood get fed by the softy human.

SMGS Support Group Stories: #2

Dissertating and writing block are pretty much inseparable

Department Talks and Readings: A Rhetorician, An Architect, And A Writer

More of mice notes from our department events. In some of them, my mind really started travelling.

SMGS Support Group Stories: #1

Significant Mice of Graduate Students know the signs

Jolly Mouse: #5

What to do, what to do?

Higher Ed Mouse Rant: #1

Illinois governor Rauner has been stalling passing the budget for nearly a year, which screws up state schools immensely. However, if the budget gets passed, the cuts to higher ed funding that he… Continue reading

Department Talks and Readings: One writer, Two critics, and a bunch of composition teachers

I haven’t been posting mice notes from the events taking place at my department, and thus, have accumalated a bunch. Here’s some.

Mice Holidays: New Year!

Happy New Year! С новым Годом!

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #7

It would have been very funny, hadn’t it been so true.