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Crushing Mice: Adelaide, #1

Our friend Linda is running a 10K race in support of Open Books charity (if you would like to help, you can do it here). Adelaide, a bibliophile mouse, is excited about an… Continue reading

Mice Notes PSA: Library Books

If needed, I can testify under oath that Adelaide, the bibliophile mouse, never eats library books. Only her own.

Everything is better with mice: #7

Stretching is so much better with mice. But even better — with cheese. Never skip stretching! Get a piece of brie and do it!

Everything is better with mice: #6

Let’s face it: Stephen Fry can’t be made better with mice, because he is wonderful, magnificent, and perfect. Moreover, I suggest we all admit right now that Stephen Fry is not just the… Continue reading

Opera mice notes: #2

On Tuesday, I snatched a last second student ticket to the Lyric Opera’s production of Verdi’s “Il Trovatore.” I made mice notes during the intermission and right after the performance had ended, so… Continue reading

Practice Jobtalks: #6, A Rhetorics/Composition Scholar

Last but not least practice jobtalk at my department.

Opera Mice Notes: #1

If I lived in opera, I would be a mezzo. I would fall in love with baritones all the time and live happily ever after.