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Mice Moviegoers: #1

My mice have been really impressed with “Inside Out”:

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #9

Don’t mess with opera-lovers. They have Wagner.

Crushing Mice: Chester, #5

Moderation? No.

Crushing Mice: #8, Kiki

Kiki, a Cumberbatch crush mouse, is being a little rebellious this morning:

Crushing Mice: Chester, #4

Heartbreak as we know it.

Crushing Mice: Coco, #2

There is even a map of Chicago which shows where the smell of Blommer Chocolate Factory will travel during the day: http://chicagococoasmell.tumblr.com/

Crushing Mice: #7, Kiki

BBC Radio 4

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #8

Leonora’s life is hard.

Crushing Mice: Coco and Kiki

The news about Chocobatch (a life-size statue of Benedict Cumberbatch made of chocolate) was trending last week, and of course, some of my mice had different reactions.

Crushing Mice: Chester, #3

Who hasn’t been there?