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Chronicles of K. Mouse: #12

Extreme grading hole calls for extreme solutions

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #11

Ah the pain of being the conscientious one!

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #10

Sometimes K. Mouse’s conviction to walk everywhere gets quite tiring

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #9

Every year I hope that I will be less terrified of the first day of teaching. I am more likely to meet a unicorn on campus, I am sure.

Chronicles of K. mouse: #8

I need to switch to a better extrovert plan

Chronicles of K. mouse: #7

It’s that time of the year again.

Russian Grandma Syndrome: Miscellanea, #15

How to convince your Russian grandma mouse to try an oyster.

Chronicles of K. mouse: #6

There is Wonderwoman, and there is Wondergrandma. Russian wondergrandma.

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #5

To be accused of careless recycling is even worse than that one time when an Aeroflot flight attendant yelled at me for “smoking on the plane.”

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #15

Last week Chicago had rain/snow which later in the evening turned the whole city into one beautiful skating rink