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Crushing Mice: Chester, #5

Moderation? No.

Crushing Mice: Chester, #4

Heartbreak as we know it.

Everything is better with mice: #9

Poster art is definitely better with mice. Mixed Media: pencil, acrylic, permanent marker on paper which is clearly not suitable for acrylic paints:)

Union Mice: Fight for 15

People around the world are on strike today to support 15 dollar minimum wage. My mice and I are going to the rally too.

Crushing Mice: Chester, #3

Who hasn’t been there?

Crushing Mice: Chester, #2

The story of my life.

Everything is better with mice: #7

Stretching is so much better with mice. But even better — with cheese. Never skip stretching! Get a piece of brie and do it!

Crushing Mice: Chester, #1

It is hard out there without cheese.