Everything is better with mice: #1

Do you recognize these album covers? Aren’t they so much better with mice? Advertisements

Opera Mice Notes: #1

If I lived in opera, I would be a mezzo. I would fall in love with baritones all the time and live happily ever after.

Practice Jobtalks: #5, a literary critic

Yet another awesome practice job talk at our department.

Crushing Mice: #2, Kiki

Kiki learns to live with her pain.

SMGS Support Group: meeting #1

Significant Mice of Graduate Student Mice are true heroes. Period.

Crushing mice: #1, Kiki

Just heard the news.

Mice Notes PSA: #1, Russian Grandma Syndrome

Protect your loved mice! Spread awareness about RGS!

Encouragement for Annah

My friend Annah is taking her preliminary exam this weekend, so I quickly assembled a mouse cheering squad: Then it was pointed out to me that I forgot to invite a comma mouse,… Continue reading

Practice Jobtalks: #4, a writer

Wonderful non-fiction.

Practice Jobtalks: #3, a literary critic

Camp-mus novels and sports