Encouragement for Annah

My friend Annah is taking her preliminary exam this weekend, so I quickly assembled a mouse cheering squad: Then it was pointed out to me that I forgot to invite a comma mouse,… Continue reading

Practice Jobtalks: #4, a writer

Wonderful non-fiction.

Practice Jobtalks: #3, a literary critic

Camp-mus novels and sports

Practice Jobtalks: #2, a poet

On the same day, more beautiful poetry:

Practice Jobtalks: #1, a poet

A number of my friends are doing the so-called “practice jobtalks” (a presentation of your work which one would have to do, when they try to get a tenure-track position at university). The… Continue reading

Reasons to parkour: #1

The main reason why I am a parkour mouse

IAA confessions: #1

IAA: Internet Addicts Anonymous. Follow us on tumblr!

The very first mice notes

October 8, 2014: meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies concerning our future job search