Crushing Mice: Leonora, #5

Leonora’s latest mice note went micro-viral, when it got shared by the Lyric Opera facebook page. That might have been a bit too much for Leonora. I am afraid I have a diva… Continue reading

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #4

Leonora is getting restless.

Everything is better with mice: #7

Stretching is so much better with mice. But even better — with cheese. Never skip stretching! Get a piece of brie and do it!

Camping mice: #1

Some things are just too scary.

Crushing Mice: Chester, #1

It is hard out there without cheese.

Everything is better with mice: #6

Let’s face it: Stephen Fry can’t be made better with mice, because he is wonderful, magnificent, and perfect. Moreover, I suggest we all admit right now that Stephen Fry is not just the… Continue reading

SMGS Support Group: Meeting #3

Here’s to the start of the new semester.

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #1

I only have the presentiment of a cold, and I am already prepared with all my herbal teas and woolen socks, and scarves, and blankets, and lemons, and honey, and onions. I could… Continue reading

New Orleans Vacation: #1

What an amazing place! Let’s all move there.