SMGS Support Group: Meeting #3

Here’s to the start of the new semester. Advertisements

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #1

I only have the presentiment of a cold, and I am already prepared with all my herbal teas and woolen socks, and scarves, and blankets, and lemons, and honey, and onions. I could… Continue reading

New Orleans Vacation: #1

What an amazing place! Let’s all move there.


Crushing Mice: Leonora, #3

Tenor crushes happen often, and they last.

Reasons to parkour: #3

Now everything about Santa makes sense. Merry Christmas!

Everything is better with mice: exceptions, #1

Any good rule has exceptions, and the maxim “everything is better with mice” is not exempt from them either. Christmas caroling, for example, can’t be better with mice. Not because mice cannot sing:… Continue reading

Crushing Mice: #4, Kiki

Kiki went to see the new movie, in which Benedict Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing.

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #2

Voice crushes are tough. For sure.

Everything is better with mice: #5

Do you recognize these album covers? Some of them are my all time favorites.