Leonora Live: #7

Breaking News!

Mice History: #2

To celebrate two years of the mice notes world’s existence, mice are busy making for themselves a graven image

Politicats and Mousitizens: #4

I do not comment on politics until I do

Russian Grandma Syndrome Miscellanea: #25

My Grandma would always respond to my “But I am full!” with “Think about it for a while, and you’ll realize you are still hungry.”

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #23

CLAIMABLE One of the rare Mice Art originals dedicated to the start of the season at Lyric Opera of Chicago. Leonora and I are excited beyond measure about “Rheingold” which is playing tonight… Continue reading

Daily Mice: #19

After watching one hundred million of youtube nail art tutorials, I can say with confidence that the secret to long-lasting manicure is having a housemaid.

Daily Mice: #18

Bathroom is the place where all of the drama happens in my house

Crushing Mice: #19, Kiki

Somebody is being a hypocrite

Jolly Mouse: #7

How to stay jolly when the inner voice mouse gets on its didactic horse a bit too much

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #12

Extreme grading hole calls for extreme solutions