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Department Talks and Readings: Public Lecture

A friend of mine presented some of her research at her department. I, of course, made sure to stop by and make some mice notes.

Department Talks and Readings: One-on-One Reading

Another annual event we have at our department is a reading when a grad student from a creative writing program reads alongside an invited writer or poet.

Department Talks and Readings: Second-Year Speaker

Every year second year PhD students of our program invite a writer/poet and a literary critic to present at our department. This year, we had a poet as a second-year speaker (the critic’s… Continue reading

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #4

Russian grandma mouse has a long history of being fooled by the weather.

Daily Mice: A Trivia Game

Mice notes are back to its roots: reporting live.  I played my first ever trivia game yesterday, and I jotted down these notes on the scrap paper they provided as I became more… Continue reading

Crushing Mice: Chester, #3

Who hasn’t been there?

Everything is better with mice: exceptions, #3

Oh, the importance of proofreading one’s writing. Also, not getting help from crushing mice.

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #3

It is too warm to be true.

Crushing Mice: #6, Kiki

Kiki is not very happy with the Oscar distribution this year, obviously.

Mice Notes PSA: Library Books

If needed, I can testify under oath that Adelaide, the bibliophile mouse, never eats library books. Only her own.