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Mice and an Alien: #2

An alien from planet Omicron Persei 9 continues to try to understand earthlings.

Mice vs. Humans: Historical Personalities as Students

In my defense, I have 48 students this semester and I lack sleep.

Mice vs. Humans: Political Statements / Environmentalist Rants, #2

This has been long overdue.

Mice vs. Humans: Political Statements, #1

There has been so much ridiculousness happening in the world in the past few weeks, that I can’t help reacting.

Mice and an Alien: #1

An alien from planet Omicron Persei 9 arrived today:

Mice vs. Humans: Environmentalist Rant, #1

I rarely get on my “save the planet” horse (because I believe that people have a right to form their own environmentalist opinions without being constantly preached to), but when I do, it… Continue reading

Everything is better with mice: exceptions, #3

Oh, the importance of proofreading one’s writing. Also, not getting help from crushing mice.

Mice Couple: #1

Mice have different perception of what our movies are about.