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Urban Mice: #9

I am not exaggerating

Russian Grandma Syndrome: Miscellanea, #17

All that jam

In Memoriam: Eco (1932-2016)

Requiescat in pace, Master!

Department Talks and Readings: One writer, Two critics, and a bunch of composition teachers

I haven’t been posting mice notes from the events taking place at my department, and thus, have accumalated a bunch. Here’s some.

Crushing Mice: Leonora, #15

Last week Chicago had rain/snow which later in the evening turned the whole city into one beautiful skating rink

Everything is better with mice: #30, Russian PowerPoint

I think I found my calling. My Russian Powerpoint presentation for a dear friend, Annah, who is an excellent poet and artist (check out her work here), went quite well.

Department Talks and Readings: an Intro for a Writer

Last night mice notes debuted in my Russian Powerpoint presentation which I used to accompany an introduction for my friend and a fellow writer, who read at our monthly Program for Writers reading

Everything is better with mice: #13

Can “Ulysses” be made better with mice? Forgive me my arrogance, but I believe so. Here, in the anticipation of Bloomsday, the iconic book cover with some illustrations (I put the close ups… Continue reading

Department Talks and Readings: Public Lecture

A friend of mine presented some of her research at her department. I, of course, made sure to stop by and make some mice notes.

Department Talks and Readings: One-on-One Reading

Another annual event we have at our department is a reading when a grad student from a creative writing program reads alongside an invited writer or poet.