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Everything is better with mice: #23

Blue Period lends itself so wonderfully to micefying, that there might be a separate subcategory of mice art on this website soon: Micasso’s art.

Everything is better with mice: #22

As the summer of the starving artist comes to the end, here’s another Hopper. I painted it for my friend, who showed me that Hopper is not only about “Nighthawks” and lighthouses.

Everything is better with mice: #21

I micefied the portrait of “Jeanne Hebuterne with Hat and Necklace” (1917) by Amedeo Modigliani for my friend Lena. I am particularly grateful for this commission, because (i am not sure if I… Continue reading

Everything is better with mice: #20

I have been thinking about micefying this painting for a while. It is good timing now, since last week was the anniversary of the July Revolution of 1830 (Paris uprising took place July… Continue reading

Everything is better with mice: #19

Are nightmares better with mice? Seems like at least “The Nightmare” by Henry Fuseli (1781) is. This piece was commissioned by my dear friend, wonderful poet and fellow deathling Annah. I have always… Continue reading

Everything is better with mice: #18

When a jam-making person runs out of sugar AND jars, it is a dark time indeed. Hence, the inspiration for the Goya below. Serendipitously commissioned by my friend and great tango-DJ Mike, who… Continue reading

Everything is better with mice: #17

Another Picasso (“The Old Guitarist” 1903), commissioned by my friend and fellow writer Chris Bryson. He is the kind of person whose midlife crisis purchase will be a quarter million dollar Gibson —… Continue reading


Psst, people! I am giving away my mice art, because if I have one more mice thing in my house, I will officially be a crazy mouse lady. The idea is that each… Continue reading

Everything is better with mice: #16

Yet another reproduction of an iconic Matisse painting. Or is it? Mixed media: pencil, watercolors on paper which surprisingly did better this time. This is the first time I managed to do the… Continue reading

Everything is better with mice: #15

For today’s installment of mice art, I micefied a painting of Marc Chagall “I and Village” (1911). I am giving it to my friend Sacha whose birthday it is today (yay!). She is an… Continue reading