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Everything is Better With Mice: #42

Micefication of art continues with “Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the printing house of the ‘Neue Rheinische Zeitung’ (newspaper published in Cologne at the time of the Revolution of 1848-1849).” It is an… Continue reading

Department Talks and Readings: A Rhetorician, An Architect, And A Writer

More of mice notes from our department events. In some of them, my mind really started travelling.

SMGS Support Group Stories: #1

Significant Mice of Graduate Students know the signs

Higher Ed Mouse Rant: #1

Illinois governor Rauner has been stalling passing the budget for nearly a year, which screws up state schools immensely. However, if the budget gets passed, the cuts to higher ed funding that he… Continue reading

Department Talks and Readings: One writer, Two critics, and a bunch of composition teachers

I haven’t been posting mice notes from the events taking place at my department, and thus, have accumalated a bunch. Here’s some.

Everything is better with mice: #30, Russian PowerPoint

I think I found my calling. My Russian Powerpoint presentation for a dear friend, Annah, who is an excellent poet and artist (check out her work here), went quite well.

Department Talks and Readings: an Intro for a Writer

Last night mice notes debuted in my Russian Powerpoint presentation which I used to accompany an introduction for my friend and a fellow writer, who read at our monthly Program for Writers reading

Chronicles of K. mouse: #1

Today we had an end of the year party at our department a part of which is the celebration of people who got various kinds of academic awards. I got one too, and… Continue reading

Department Talks and Readings: One-on-One Reading

Another annual event we have at our department is a reading when a grad student from a creative writing program reads alongside an invited writer or poet.

Department Talks and Readings: Second-Year Speaker

Every year second year PhD students of our program invite a writer/poet and a literary critic to present at our department. This year, we had a poet as a second-year speaker (the critic’s… Continue reading