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Mice Holidays: Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

Chronicles of K. Mouse: #10

Sometimes K. Mouse’s conviction to walk everywhere gets quite tiring

Russian Grandma Syndrome Miscellanea: #23

Soup envy is real

Daily Mice: #17

This was my first week of classes

Daily Mice: #16

Well, the early bird maybe gets the worm, but the late riser sparrows in my neighborhood get fed by the softy human.

Daily Mice: #15

Oh the desperate (and ineffective) attempts to change one’s sleeping schedule from 3am-11am to midnight – 8 am in one day.

Мышезаписки: №2

Пьянству — бой (?)

Russian Grandma Mouse Live: #3

Russian Grandma is forced to abandon presidential race on a technicality.

Russian Grandma Mouse Live: #2

I have to agree with Russian Grandma on this one

Russian Grandma Mouse Live: #1

Actually, soup is a very strong foundation for everything, including political programs