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Russian Grandma Syndrome: Miscellanea, #12

In cold blood.

Crushing Mice: #10, Kiki

Crimson Peak is a must see for aficionados of Gothic lit, Guillermo del Toro, and Tom Hiddleston

Russian Grandma Syndrome: miscellanea, #11

Russian Grandma mouse’s party behavior has been very suspicious lately.

Mice History: #1

Exactly a year ago the first ever mice note was drawn.

Chronicles of K. mouse: #4

Sometimes it’s very hard to believe that they are not doing it on purpose.

Chronicles of K. mouse: #3

Can’t believe it’s gone

Daily Mouse: #5

“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Daily Mouse: #4

Must. Not. Nap.

Family Mice: #3

Earlier this summer, when mama-mouse left to travel, papa-mouse said: “One understands that everything is finite when one finishes the last pork chop made by mama mouse.” He’s right

Daily Mouse: #3

I can’t reconcile myself with the thought that I am about to start a semester of 7 am awakenings. The mice note below is true story.