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Daily mice: #8

Hibernation it is

Jolly Mouse: #4

Jolly mouse is good at prioritizing

Daily Mice: #7

Dear body, seriously?

Mice vs. Humans: Apologetic Mouse

Sorry, Trev!

Daily Mice: #6

Almost there

Urban Mice: #5

Hibernation season has begun in Chicago

Crushing Mice: Coco, #3

That’s why I never buy Nutella

Mice vs Humans: First Half of November 2015

Our life is so fast, noisy and hectic that grieving at our own pace becomes almost an unattainable luxury. Yet, if you need it, do not deny yourself a moment when you slow down and grieve

Crushing Mice: #12, Kiki

The struggle of being a Cumberbatch crush mouse

Jolly Mouse: #3

Nutella-Banana Pocket. Chocolate Orange Old Fashioned Donut. Mornings are okay.