Everything Is Better With Mice: #51

This time I went for a stylized version of the artwork: the original is a drinking cup (kylix) decorated in the red-figure technique from Athens, around 480 BC (it can be seen at the Art Institute of Chicago, in the Ancient and Byzantine Art section, Gallery 151). Ancient Greek kylixes are not that easy to get hold of in one’s local art supplies store, so I decorated a wooden plaque instead. It is a present for my friend’s birthday. My friend Lena has a degree in Classical Philology (which means she knows all things Latin and Greek), and she is my go-to consultant whenever I decide to smuggle some elaborate Ancient Greek and Roman allusions into my short stories.


Mixed media: gesso, acrylics, permanent markers, ink liners, mod podge on wood

I have never worked with wood before, so I had to learn how to gesso, and that acrylics are even tougher on rough surfaces, and that mod podge is absolute magic. I am quite satisfied with the result.

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