Inktober: #1

I somehow convinced myself to participate in #inktober this year, which — since I am not on Instagram or anything else but facebook — means I am not really participating in anything. I just post a drawing every day and force my fb audience to look at it.

I have decided to post some of my inktober drawings here. Most of them are mice, but not all. In the first installment, some visual puns: I don’t know what it is with me and cringey puns this year, but I just can’t stop coming up with the new ones 🙂




visual puns-woolf


visual puns-mosses


visual puns-gosling

5. To understand this one, you need to know Russian idioms

visual puns-kulik

Answers (highlight this line and you will see): Stanley Fish, Virginia Woolf, Kate and Elizabeth Moss, Ryan Gosling, Katya Kulik

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