Everything is Better With Mice: #38

Mouse Lisa has beem CLAIMED

My friend Linda is running the half-marathon for Open Books organization tomorrow, and although I didn’t paint nearly as many mice artworks for her fundraising campaign as I intended, I wanted to paint at least one more before she runs.

Here is the thing: I realized that I can’t paint when it seems that the world has gone completely and irreparably insane. The last two weeks were so hard to take in, that even regular mice notes weren’t easy to produce (usually a work of fifteen minutes). And while in order to write, I actually need to be mildly (and manageably) unhappy, my mice artworks are clearly the sign that life is all right.

The choice for today is not accidental: one the one hand, La Gioconda is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most often appropriated works of art, so the mice version was long overdue, and on the other, I remembered that one of my favorite stories by Ray Bradbury “The Smile” is about “Mona Lisa.” The story warns against the world in which hatred, destruction, and anti-intellectualism dominate, and the painting stands for the hope for beauty and peace. And so I thought that Mouse Lisa will be a perfect painting for the organization which strives to make people better and devoted readers.


Media: watercolors, acrylics, tempera, pencil on paper.

To get this painting:

  1. call dibs in the comments here or on facebook (first come, first serve)
  2. after I confirm your dibs, donate 10 dollars or more on Linda’s fundraising page (click link: https://give.everydayhero.com/us/linda-1#/?_k=2rl6o8
  3. leave a comment with your donation mentioning the name of the painting (Mouse Lisa)
  4. Mouse Lisa is yours! You helped an awesome organization!

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