Everything is Better With Mice: #37

Mousematisse has been claimed!

My friend Linda is doing it again (click here to see what she did last summer), but this year she is running a half-marathon in order to support awesome Open Books organization. I would like to help, but a) I am poor as a church mouse (see what I did there), because my summer class was cancelled, b) I can’t run for Open Books myself because I really really hate running (I only run when I am late for the opera, and I am never late for the opera). Hence, I am going to paint a number of random, selected by me micefied artworks, and I will give them away to those people who donate ten dollars (or more, if they wish) to Linda’s fundraising campaign for Open Books. I will also add that I remember about my commissions and I am working on completing all of them this summer.

The first lot for Linda’s campaign is the micefied “Dance” (II — 1910, the one which is kept in Hermitage — Russian bias detected) by Henri Matisse. I love this painting a lot, and it was awesome and very very hard to micefy it.


Mixed media: acrylics, watercolors, pencil on the paper which is meh as always.

To get this painting:

  1. call dibs in the comments here or on facebook (first come, first serve)
  2. after I confirm your dibs, donate 10 dollars on Linda’s fundraising page (click link: https://give.everydayhero.com/us/linda-1#/?_k=2rl6o8
  3. leave a comment with your donation mentioning the name of the painting (Dance by Matisse)
  4. Mousematisse is yours! You helped an awesome organization!


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