Everything Is Better With Mice: #35

The new addition to the spring of the starving artist series is a present to my friend Ellen, who has just defended her doctoral dissertation. I have appropriated a painting “Lady Playing the Veena” by Raja Ravi Varma for her. Ravi Varma lived in the second half of the nineteenth century (1848-1906) and is considered one of the greatest Indian painters. I have chosen this painting because my friend is a speciliast in Malayalam, a language widely (and officially) spoken in Kerala region, and Ravi Varma comes from that area. Another reason why I have chosen this particular portrait is that it was put on the cover of the newest Oxford edition of “Indulekha”, the first major novel in Malayalam, which my friend analyzed in her dissertation (among many other interesting things).


Mixed media: watercolors, acrylics, pencil on paper (which, as we remember, is pretty bad)

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