Eveything is better with mice: #33

After a very successful summer of a starving artist (check it out!), I was somewhat bummed that the fall of the starving artist (here) was aborted right in the middle due to multiple reasons which include falling into the grading hole and the fact that I cannot be hungry during cold months. Now, as I have emerged from multiple layers of wool and fur, I am ready to starve again (both because I encountered an honest fitting-room mirror and because my summer class was canceled (Thanks, Rauner!). Here is the first installement of the spring of the starving artist, and hopefully, more to come!

This is a micefication of “The Triple Portrait of Cardinal de Richelieu” by Phillippe de Champagne, completed c. 1642, for a friend who is a huge French history aficionado.


Mixed media: acrylic, tempera, pencil on very cool canvas paper which I forgot I had

To see what else is better with mice (answer: everything)

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