Everything is better with mice: #29

When I think about how different artists would react to my micefication of their works, for some reason, I always imagine Andy Warhol being totally fine with it (although it would be ironic and hilarious at the same time if he ended ujp to be the only artist totally offended by the whole thing). Another fun fact: “Light Blue Marylin” (1964) is not the first Andy Warhol’s work I appropriated. Among the very first things I made better with mice was Warhol’s cover for Velvet Underground’s album (see here). This Marylin mouse is a present for a dear friend, and it was fun and educational process to paint it (acrylics became darker when they dry — who knew?)


Mixed Media: pencil, acrylics, tempera on canvas paper for acrylics

Other works of mice art.

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