Everything is better with mice: #24

The summer of the starving artist is crowned with Jan van Eyck’s “The Arnolfini Portrait” (1434). I won’t lie — micefying this work of art was so difficult, that hadn’t it been a present/commission for a dear friend, I would have probably given up on it. It does not look that challenging (except for the drapery of all sorts — oh the folds!), but once I started copying the background, I realized that there are slippers, peaches, a carpet  and what not rendered with photographic exactitude and precision. I admit some of the things I gave up on (the chandelier looks nothing like the one in the original painting, the dog looks like a cat/guinea pig, many a fold have been ignored), and yet, a majority of details is there, and I am shamelessly pleased with myself. mice-art-16Mixed Media: pencil, watercolors, acrylics on paper.

I won’t lie — I am pleased with the way summer of the starving artist turned out (I have appropriated and mutilated, sorry, micefied 15 famous works of art and one pretty well-known book cover — if you have missed anything, check them out here). Now on to the fall of the starving artist, as making things better with mice continues.

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