Psst, people!

mice-art-giveawayI am giving away my mice art, because if I have one more mice thing in my house, I will officially be a crazy mouse lady. The idea is that each new piece is given away on a first come, first serve basis (let me know in the comments here / on fb), unless it is intended as a present or is a commission. I have already given away “American Gothic”, Degas’s “The drinker of absinthe”, “Nighthawks”, “I and Village”, and “The Goldfish”. If anyone wants “Brie” poster (claimed), Picasso’s “The drinker of absinthe” (claimed), or the cover of the Gabler edition of “Ulysses” with the short synopsis in mice (claimed), let me know. I also have this work of non-appropriation mice art (claimed):davis-chambray-pantsAs for commissions, I can do almost anything if there are people in the painting (not too many people, though — if you want “Coronation of Napoleon”, sorry, I can’t — it will take me years). Also, no Dali, because I don’t know what to turn into mice in his paintings.

Mice art pictures are usually 6X9 inches (15X22 cm). Ulysses cover is the only one which is 12X9 inches.

Feeding me in exchange for mice art is optional. I am a starving artist mostly because I am on a diet.

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