Everything is better with mice: #16

Yet another reproduction of an iconic Matisse painting. Or is it?

mice-art-8Mixed media: pencil, watercolors on paper which surprisingly did better this time.

This is the first time I managed to do the outlines of mice with paint, and I am very proud of it (those mice are teeny-tiny!), because before I cheated using a permanent marker, which is much easier and less mistake-prone. Another lesson that micefying this painting taught me is that what looks “sloppy” on the painting is, in fact, very hard to reproduce. I tried really hard to copy those white spaces between colors (look at the original), but it turned out nearly impossible (take heed, neophyte forgers — changing the medium (in this case, going for watercolors instead of oil or, at least, acrylics) brings totally different results).

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