Everything is better with mice: #13

Can “Ulysses” be made better with mice? Forgive me my arrogance, but I believe so. Here, in the anticipation of Bloomsday, the iconic book cover with some illustrations (I put the close ups of mice pictures below):mice-art-5

(Mixed media: pencil, pen, permanent marker, acrylic paints on paper) Don’t get me wrong — I am a bit cuckoo about “Ulysses.” I’ve been to Bloomsday readings, have a picture near the house in Paris where “Ulysses” was first published, I hope one day end up in Dublin for Bloomsday and do the route of Leopold Bloom (with exact timing). And yet, and yet… Maybe, “Ulysses” illustrated with mice should be my next project. (It will take a while, no doubt).