Everything is better with mice: #11

Is Picasso better with mice? You decide.

mice-art-3I loved Picasso before I could understand his paintings (partly thanks to “The Adventures of Picasso”, Swedish comedy film (loosely) based on Picasso’s life. It is very hard to find, but to this day this film remains one of my most beloved comedies).

This painting is one of my favorite works by Picasso. When I was an undergrad, I had an argument with a friend over this painting. He mentioned a painting of a woman who sits a table staring at the glass of absinthe. I said: “Yes, of course, Picasso’s “Absinthe drinker!” (because you know, I was so sophisticated and stuff). He insisted that the painting was painted by somebody else. We shouted for half an hour, made a bet (for money!), and of course, it turned out that there are two paintings of the same name, with women staring at the glass of absinthe — one by Picasso, the other — can you guess which one? It is going to be the next “mice art” installment.

Mixed media: pencil, permanent marker, acrylic paint on watercolor paper which is a bit better for acrylic paint, but not really. (Can anybody tell me what paper to use for acrylic paints?)