Mice vs. Humans: Environmentalist Rant, #1

I rarely get on my “save the planet” horse (because I believe that people have a right to form their own environmentalist opinions without being constantly preached to), but when I do, it means something about the current state of humanity’s relationship with nature infuriated me to the point when I can’t do anything but rant. I apologize in advance.

Here’s the mice note and the rant as follows:environmentalist-1

A couple of days ago, in one of my random websurfing procrastination bouts, I read about leatherback sea turtles (the biggest turtle on the planet) and came across this name: Jairo Mora Sandoval (1987-2013). Jairo Mora Sandoval was an environmentalist in Costa-Rica who, with other volunteers, worked on protecting leatherback turtle nests from poaching. He was murdered when he was patrolling the beach where leatherback turtle nests are located. Coincidentally, tomorrow, May 31, is the day when that happened. After two or three months of frenzied attention to the case of Jairo Mora and the turtle conservationist efforts, the suspects for the murder (several local egg poachers who are also linked to drug trafficking groups) were arrested. In 2015, however, those men were acquitted of the murder charges because of the technical flaws in the investigation of the case. End of story.

So what is about leatherback turtle eggs that is worth killing a human?

What about poaching rhinoceros for horn which led to the extinction of Western black rhinos in 2011 and, with one male of Northern white rhinos left, we know what news about them could make it to the “trending” column on facebook for an hour or so sometime soon?

Tiger bones? Bear feet? Shark fins?

The answer is in the mice note above.

I don’t want to preach about greed, because all that was necessary to be said about it has probably been said already, and I don’t want to get started on the subject of aphrodisiacs, because I have way too much to say about it (even though I can’t spell the word, as it is evident from the mice note, which just shows that I am not a target audience for the product).

I will just leave it here, as something to think about.

26-year-old gone, poaching continues.